Girls’ Weekend

30 Mar

Just back from a busy weekend at the National Women’s Show. Here’s booth 805 just before the crowds hit! The pieces drew a lot of attention, especially this before/after piece in Provence with loads of dark Soft Wax. People were very excited to hear how I just painted straight over that shiny surface without having [...]

Come on Spring!

28 Feb

We’ve been having a brutal winter here in Ottawa this year, and everyone is sooo done with it. So, when I was asked to come on CTV News at Noon, I wanted to do a big burst of colour to chase these winter blues away. I also wanted to show viewers how versatile Chalk Paint™ [...]

Home is where your door is…

4 Feb

Katrina Barclay Wood Stripe Door

What does home mean to you? Judging from all the entries in Habitat for Humanity’s fundraiser “Habitat Unhinged: 20 Doors for 20 Years”, the answer varies hugely depending on who you ask. Our local Habitat for Humanity gave twenty different artists in the National Capitol Region the chance to try and express their feelings about [...]

Sample pots are back!

7 Jan

Chalk Paint sample pots at Malenka Originals

It’s a happy start to the new year with the return of our colourful little Chalk Paint ™ friends. Sample pots are $15 each, and can do a small table or chair. Thanks for your patience over the last few months when they were unavailable. I know how much they were missed!  

My Gustavian New Year’s Eve Dream

31 Dec

Gilding Wax Handle

Before the year slips away, I need to introduce you to old faithful. For nearly the whole year, this piece has been with me, so it somehow seems fitting to reveal her now on the last day of the year. Her life started out with me in late February, when she looked like this: Those [...]

Christmas Hours…

18 Dec

Malenka Originals Christmas Postcard

Christmas gift ideas at Malenka Originals

27 Nov

Starter Kit Christmas 2013

Oh yes. It’s officially that time of year. The search is on for the perfect gift. This year, we want to keep spreading the idea of upcycling, buying local, and helping out. So, we’ve compiled a few gift ideas which do just that. **** Who wouldn’t love to get some Chalk Paint™ under the tree [...]

Done: my search for the perfect turquoise

7 Nov

The edges looked like copper underneath

I’ve long been searching for the perfect turquoise. Florence I — of course — love. But it’s more emerald than turquoise. It is, however, the closest Chalk Paint™ colour to turquoise, so I knew I’d need Florence to get my perfect shade. I played with Florence mixed with Aubusson Blue, which is a gorgeous, vibrant [...]

Refreshed Furniture Pop-Up Shop Debrief

7 Oct

Pop-up Shop

The dust is just starting to settle after the excitement of the last few weeks (including Annie Sloan’s first visit to Canada), and I’ve had a chance to pour over these great pictures taken by Laura Brisson. Our first ever Refreshed Furniture Pop-Up Shop was a great success, with hundreds of people stopping by to [...]

Annie’s Toronto Debut

6 Oct

Annie Sloan at the Toronto Home Fall Show

Just got back from a whirlwind trip for Annie Sloan’s first stop on her Canadian tour! She was presenting today on the main stage at the Toronto Fall Home Show. It was standing room only. Earlier in the day she spent a lot of time talking with visitors, many who came from across Ontario (including [...]