Done: my search for the perfect turquoise

7 Nov

I’ve long been searching for the perfect turquoise.

Florence I — of course — love. But it’s more emerald than turquoise.

It is, however, the closest Chalk Paint™ colour to turquoise, so I knew I’d need Florence to get my perfect shade.

I played with Florence mixed with Aubusson Blue, which is a gorgeous, vibrant blue. But it’s more blue than turquoise.

I’ve mixed various combos of Florence with Napoleonic Blue, Provence, and Louis Blue, which are all lovely.

But then I cracked the Greek Blue and added it to Florence.

And there she was…my perfect turquoise.

Florence and Greek Blue Mix

This is a 50/50 mix of Florence and Greek Blue. It is a bright, rich, glorious turquoise.

I know it’s notoriously hard to judge colours on a computer screen. But for comparison’s sake, here’s my Florence telephone table to see how much more green Florence is.

Florence telephone table in front of dresser with a mix of Greek Blue and Florence

And here’s a piece in Greek blue to compare.

Planter in Greek Blue by Cristina Maal

(This was painted by Cristina Maal — Malenka Originals shop assistant extraordinaire. It’s so funky. I bought it from her before it hit the shop floor.)

So, if you look at the Florence and Greek Blue alone, and then the combo, you can really see the best of the two colours in the mixture.

Florence and Greek Blue Mix

After I waxed with Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax, I did even distressing all around the edges, and was very excited to get this copper colour come through. I had to sand below the old lacquer to get to the colour of the stained wood. Use something rough like 220 grit if you want to distress below the lacquer.

The edges looked like copper underneath

The knobs were bought from Anthropology two years ago, and I was really holding out for the perfect piece. This was definitely it.

Copper flower knobs from Anthropology

Here’s the before of this piece. I bought it next door at Flashbacks. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love having a used furniture store next door to my shop?)

Groovy mid-century piece before

I’m keeping this piece. How can I not?

Malenka Originals dresser under Stephen Powers print

(And look how well it goes with that print! I just had it framed for my husband for his birthday at Wall Space Gallery here in Ottawa. It’s “Never Say Never” by Steve Powers. Great colours. Great message.)

Katrina x

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